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News about Note Taker HD for use on the product support page.
7.0.1 adds wrist guard functionality in Zoomed Editing when the screen is narrow, fixes a bug with Selection Mode options, and also fixes an infrequent intermittent crash during Output.
A new series of blog posts have been started about the process of evolving Note Taker HD from being just for the original fixed-size iPad screen to also work in iPadOS Split View as well as on iPhones. This content started out as threads on Twitter (@DanB) but are appearing here for easier reading and linking.

See the Blog section of www.notetakerhd.com.
Version 7.0.0 has been approved by Apple and should be available in the Apple App Store. This is a major upgrade, mostly related to new support for iPhone as well as iPad Split View and screen sizes different than the original iPad.

On screens that are narrower or shorter than the original iPad, such as on an iPhone, Expand and Collapse buttons are added to show and hide panels and buttons that otherwise wouldn't fit on the screen. In zoomed page editing, an additional button, the Joystick button, will be shown on the separator between the two views. Dragging from this button may be used to rapidly position the Detail Area with precision. Also when doing zoomed page editing, when the screen is horizontal (wider than high), the Zoom Tools provide an option to switch to having the Page View and the Close-Up View side-by-side instead of one above the other.

In addition, there were various bug fixes.
Apple approved version 6.12.1 and it is in the App Store for upgrading. It fixes a bug that sometimes caused crashes when outputting to PDF, includes better support of iOS 13, and other bug fixes.
Apple approved version 6.11 and it is in the App Store for upgrading. It fixes an issue when running under iOS 11 that resulted in folder listings (and some other listings) not being alphabetical. It requires iOS 11 or later.

This replaces versions 6.10, 6.9, 6.8.2, 6.8.1, 6.8, 6.7, and 6.6. iPads that cannot run versions of iOS after iOS 7 can still run version 6.8.2, which supports iPads going back to the iPad 1 running iOS 5.1.
This is a major upgrade to the internals of the code to follow recent iOS coding conventions. While there are no real feature additions, several bugs were fixed. The app now requires iOS 8.1 or later, and the visual anomolies that may have shown up when running under iOS 7 and/or iOS 8 should have been resolved.

Older iPads that cannot run iOS 8 should still be able to download version 6.8.2 from the Apple App Store.
This is a minor upgrade that fixes a problem with Help that shows up on iOS 7. (It does not require iOS 7 and does not make use of any new features in it.) It also fixes the 6.8 bug that produced corrupted PDF output for pages with Background Images that were JPEGs, and a problem with the Crop Image screen when operating in "wrist above" left-handed operation.
Version 6.8 of Note Taker HD is now available in the Apple App Store. New features include Auto-Return, smoother ink, ink rotation and resizing, support for languages written right-to-left, and a VGA pointer. Make sure that you watch the "What's new in version 6.8..." video on the Videos page in the About section of this web site.
As of this writing (September 30, 2012, 3pm ET) I have not received any reports of iOS 6-specific issues with Note Taker HD. I have continued to do some testing myself and have not found any problems, either. As before, if I do hear of or find any problems, I'll post here.

For more detailed information, please check out the blog section of this web site.
Version 6.7 adds support for the retina display on the new 3rd-generation iPad, image cropping, manual PDF page rotation, and the ability to see a list of only those PDF pages you have written on in a document. It also has various bug fixes, speedups, and minor enhancements.
Version 6.6 adds sub-folders, pen memory, password protection, and support for the iOS Data Protection API. It also has bug fixes and other minor enhancements. See the blog for more information.
The www.NoteTakerHD.com web site was given a totally new design. What you need is now available in many easy-to-navigate pages instead of a single big page. Just select the section you want at the top. A new "Extras" section gives you access to downloadable templates and clip art for use with Note Taker HD.
Version 6.5 adds copy/cut/paste of ink and other objects between pages, sixteen customizable button colors, lots of UI tweaks, better iOS 5 compatibility (especially for many left-handed users), and lots of bug fixes.
Version 6.0 has a new UI and icon, folders, full-screen preview, user-settable pen presets, a Close-up View wrist guard, and lots more.
PCMag.com gave Note Taker HD an "Editors' Choice" rating. "Bottom Line: Affordably-priced and feature-rich, Note Taker HD is the iPad app for professionals in need of note-taking software."
Mike Rzepka (who created the 60+ cool shapes, the "Note Taker HD guy" image here, and the new app icon) set up and is maintaining a Note Taker HD Facebook page. The Facebook page is an "enthusiast" page, not "official" like this support site.
Version 5.1 has a few new features and some bug fixes: New Move to Front and Move to Back buttons, over 20 new shapes including many commonly used for flow chart diagrams, extra support for the iPad 2 camera and the Digital AV HDMI adapter, and a fix to the rotated EXIF image bug that affected the iPad 2.
The full text of the main Help that comes with the app is now, by popular demand, available as a single web page at www.notetakerhd.com/help.
You are looking at the new support web page. It is better organized than the previous one, and includes news and a blog. It also has the domain name "www.notetakerhd.com" pointing to it so it's easier to remember.
Lots of new features, including blocks of text, inserted images and photos, and 40+ highly-customizable shapes. Watch the "What's New in Note Taker HD 5.0" video to learn more.
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Note Taker HD is a product of Software Garden, Inc., for the Apple iPad.